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Why did I decide to blog?

Not sure if it’s the sun or the unusually warm weather for this time of year (12 o C / 54 o F) but driving back home this afternoon, I decided to join millions of people and start blogging. Actually, to be truthful I know why I’m starting. It’s a combination of factors:

  1. As far back as I can remember I always wanted to “write”. I’m not talking about emails, memos or these shorts communication but something more structured, like a story for example. Unfortunately, I don’t have the discipline and training to come up with a good plot, interesting characters and an un-expected ending so blogging is probably an interesting alternative – I don’t have a set plot that I will be following, the characters I will refer to will certainly be interesting (reality is often better than fiction) and I most certainly have no idea how this is going to end.
  2. I’m currently going through a career transition – sort of. For now, let’s just say I left the organization I worked for almost 10 years to try a totally different industry. I ended up resigning from that job after less than 2 months. I will certainly share more details over time but for now I feel this transition is indeed one of the driver.
  3. I’m half-way through Seth Godin’s latest book Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us and felt compelled to do something… This blog might not be much but as someone famous once said (I can’t remember if it’s Einstein or someone else) “you can’t expect a different outcome when you repeat the same steps”.
  4. I made a deal with the voice inside my head. Apparently everyone has a voice inside their head – I will need to ask Karine about that. Anyhow, I found the voice inside my head to be disruptive at time. It certainly wasn’t to the point of arguing out loud with it but disruptive enough to take my brain in many directions. So the deal I made is the following, in exchange for peace most of the time – the voice will be entitled to have a discussion with the rest of the brain via this blog.

So here it is. Post number one.

Now that I started I could probably go on for a while so let me put some guidelines around these posts. In no special order (for now).

  1. I will try to publish something at least once a day otherwise the voice may want to re-open our agreement.
  2. I will try to keep each post under 500 words. This will force me to focus on the key elements of the last 24 hours.
  3. I will refer to people by their first name only to preserve their identity.

One final note. I hope others will feel compelled to join this discussion. Other experiences will likely help influence my perception of the world or that of the voice.

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  1. KiKi #

    You are not alone…..we all have voices in our head. At least yours is compelling you to do something constructive!!

    Keep them coming!

    December 14, 2008

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