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Step one – having a plan

I just finished putting together a project plan of high level activities to do in order to actually launch a small business. It goes like this:

  • Post content daily to this blog. In the hopes that some people will read the blog so we can start discussion on the topic of launching a business!
  • Start documenting my learning and possibly publish them on the blog. I believe I have a pretty good ability to summarize key information and extract the most important content – that comes from completing my Masters degree a few years back. The intent is to help people get key knowledge quickly and hopefully start sharing thoughts on the topic.
  • Create the company’s web site. The objective is to eventually get customers so I need a way to explain the types of service I will be offering around Business Intelligence and clearly explain the company’s vision and mission.
  • Join Internet Communities and get involved in the discussions. Interactions, dialogue and collaboration with others working in this arena will certainly help launch the business.
  • Contact potential customers. I have a few people in mind that I could work with in various capacities. I need to start booking meetings with them.

This is the high level plan. For now…

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