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Day one in an Agile environment

I officially joined Pyxis Technologies today and I can say the energy level is very high. Pyxis is recognized as a key player in the Agile community having carved a niche in the French speaking markets of Canada and France. Although the company has been in business since 2001, they have fully embraced the Agile approach since 2005. Many of the strongest opinion leaders currently work for Pyxis.

Coming from traditional organizations, a few things immediately strike me on my first day:

  • everybody in the office is smiling;
  • except for the training room and the general manager’s office, the space is completely open [I believe it’s the collaborators (this is how Pyxis employees are called) who requested that the GM have a closed office for confidentiality reasons];
  • most people are working at their space in small groups, gathered around their computers to discuss project situations;
  • there are many white boards all over the place;
  • all the furniture and the white boards are on wheels so they can be moved around to accommodate each project team [I’m told the furniture is new and was also requested by the collaborators].

This seems trivial at first but having read about the Agile approach, these seemingly small details are there to support collaboration and team work in order to deliver quality software. I will have to judge for myself over time if indeed their is a correlation between the environment and the results. I can say that the energy level is striking.

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