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A good analogy between Scrum and hockey?

In the context of launching a new consulting practice, I’m reviewing documentation and compiling examples in order to explain to potential customers the benefits of the Agile approach in the context of Business Intelligence.

I’m currently reading Agile Project Management with Scrum and after watching the hockey game between Montreal and Tampa Bay, an analogy came to mind. Can we compare the Scrum approach to project management with hockey?

Although the analogy used by Schwaber in his book is very easy to understand (the Scrum master is similar to a sheppard dog who needs to protect his sheep), I found his comparison to be simplistic and slightly degrading for the development team (sheep?!).

The analogy could have been with baseball but the Expos left Montreal in 2004, or between Scrum and football but are the Alouettes/Concordes/Stallions/Alouettes really that popular? or between Scrum and soccer (the European football) but I preferred to use hockey – being our national sport.

  • A hockey game is divided in 3 periods (sprints).
  • The coach acts as the Product owner who provides requirements in order to reach an objective – winning the game.
  • The team captain is the Scrum master: he/she is a player just like the other players on the team but has additional responsibilities in the context of the game.
  • The coach providing feedback between each period is a well entrenched feedback process.

So my question is, does this analogy work for you? Would potential customers be able to easily understand Scrum if you used the hockey analogy?

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