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The technology has changed but not the approach

Stephen Swoyer published BI: The Year in Review on The Data Warehouse Institute web site today and he does a good job at summarizing the acquisitions – or the lack of acquisitions – that took place this year.

This leads me to the following question: “The BI technology is obviously improving over time but what about the process of building BI”?

I have been involved with BI projects for over 10 years and it is obvious to me that most companies use the same waterfall approach they did back then. Seeing that the success rate of BI projects has pretty much stayed flat with less than 50% of the projects being successful highlights a problem in my opinion.

Although technology has greatly improved, it appears to me that the BI industry is working on the wrong issue -> it’s not about the tools or the people, it’s about the process.

Am I the only one who sees this problem?

As we work on our service offering, a few of us are heavily researching agility in business intelligence projects. There seems to be only one book available on this topic (Agile Data Warehousing: Delivering World-Class Business Intelligence Systems Using Scrum and XP) and very few web sites or blogs available.

Is this because people don’t see the benefits of an Agile approach to Business Intelligence or simply because consulting firms and other companies do not believe it can be done?

We certainly think we can have a positive impact on BI projects.

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