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Book Review: Citizen Marketers: When People are The Message

My Rating: 7/10

Another book in the Web2.0 category, Citizen Marketers: When People Are the Message categories Internet content creators into 4 groups: Filters, Fanatics, Facilitators, and Firecrackers. Throughout the book, the authors use many examples and anecdotes to demonstrate the growing power of content creators.

Although I could summarize the content of the book, you will certainly find more details on the book’s official web site which presents a great summary, chapter by chapter. I encourage you to read the summary as it clearly presents to main ideas of each chapter and the book overall.

If you don’t fully understand what citizen marketers are about, you can also read about each example given in the book on the book’s web site. Some of the examples are more interesting and more impactful than others.

I enjoyed the book mostly for the anecdotes and examples but felt it was missing a key central message – besides the fact that citizen marketers are a growing force on the Internet. The book is certainly interesting to get people familiar with the concept of citizen marketers but doesn’t go much further than introducing the reader to this growing trend. It is still an interesting read if you have some time to spend.

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