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Would you pay $119 for a subscription?

This morning, as I was sorting through the mail that has been piling up on my desk I found a briefing on team management. A colleague of mine had left this document thinking I would find it useful.

The document is an 8-page summary of “management strategies to build, manage, and motivate your team“. There are over 30 sections presenting topics such as “confronting poor performers” and “mastering meetings“. As I glanced through the publication to see if I could learn something, I was surprised to see how little content there was in the publication. Do I need to know there are “21 ways to say well done“?

As I closed the publication to toss it in my already over-loaded blue recycling bin, I noticed the special introductory rate of $119 for 12 issues.

What? What am I missing here? Why would I pay $10 per issue to receive content that is readily available on the web. I asked myself, why would someone subscribe to summaries of content that are so summarize that they become generic and empty?

How much would someone learn from reading the following statement “when a team member comes to you with a problem, you don’t have to deal with it on the spot“? Wouldn’t it be worth spending a bit more time in order to better understand team dynamics?

It seems to me that the business model behind these briefings is to provide useful information to time deprived managers but giving them over 30 summarized topics in 8 pages might be pushing it. Trying to condense so much content doesn’t provide value anymore. I’ll save my $120 to buy a few books.

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