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Which Agile thought leader has the most notoriety?

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During recent weeks and after reading many books, articles and blogs, I wanted to try a little exercise to assess the ‘notoriety’ of certain dominant figures in the world of Agile.

In the following table are presented several names commonly associated with Agile. Some are the authors of the Agile manifesto, while others are rising in popularity.

While this exercise is not scientific and is based on very subjective criteria, it is hopefully a portrait of the current situation as we end the year.

Should other names be added to the list? Do you have any suggestions regarding the scoring method used? I invite you to comment on this blog.

(1) As of December 30th, 2008
(2) Author of the Agile Manifesto
(3) Based on the number of books listed on Category: Computers & Internet
(4) Based on number of occurences for exact searches ("") on
(5) Actively maintains a blog
(6) Has an article on
(7) (% of Books Published * 1000) + (%Google Popularity * 100) + (Blog * 15) + (Wikipedia * 15)
(8) Google popularity is inaccurate as there are many Dave Thomas
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