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The Psychology of Optimal Experience

Jeff posted yesterday what seems to be an email he received a few weeks ago. In Scrum Makes You Feel Better, the author of the email (Nancy Van Schooenderwoert) associates the following paragraph taken from Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience

The types of activities which people all over the world consistently report as most rewarding – that is, which make them feel best – involve a clear objective, a need for concentration so intense that no attention is left over, a lack of interruptions and distractions, clear and immediate feedback on progress toward the objective, and a sense of challenge – the perception that one’s skills are adequate, but just adequate, to cope with the task at hand.

… with test-driven-development claiming that “This gives an indication of why test driven development is so compelling for people once they know the basic technique”.

Although the statement can be used to promote test driven development, I believe it is probably a better selling statement for SCRUM overall as it encompasses the philosophy behind self-managed teams.

Isn’t this the type of environment we aim to achieve with SCRUM self-managed teams?

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