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Staffing Challenges and IT Spending and Priorities

A friend forwarded me a link to this Gartner article. Although it’s almost a year old, 2 sections caught my interest: CIO Staffing Challenges and IT Spending and Priorities.

Although the global economic situation was much different at the time the CIOs answered the survey, it is interesting to see what they highlighted as areas of concern.

CIO Staffing Challenges

Two-thirds of IT organizations that do not meet business expectations claim that skills are at the core of their performance issue”. So far we haven’t seen massive lay-off in the IT sector but the current situation certainly increases pressure on organizations to cut costs. Although it makes sense to control expenses in an economic down-turn, it is key to determine which line of expense should be impacted.

For many service organizations, salaries and people related expenses represent the bulk of the expenses and rightfully come under more scrutiny. In many instances, it makes perfect sense to challenge these expenses as long as there is a strategy to retain the core skills required by the organization to successfully navigate through these difficult times.

Knowing what the core competencies of an organization are implies that an assessment has been made prior to the down-turn. If not, it might be useful to complete such an exercise before making critical decisions. Slashing 10% across the board is often easier for a CFO to call but certainly lacks a strategic perspective.

IT Spending and Priorities

Business intelligence was the No. 1 technology priority for the third year in a row”. Gartner reconfirmed that information during their Gartner Symposium ITxpo 2008 and in the Gartner Identifies the Top 10 Strategic Technologies for 2009 press release.

In addition to being good news for consulting organizations like ours who offer BI consulting services, this statement also confirms the fact that CIOs do see the value offered by this technology.

Unfortunately, BI ranks no.1 in “technology priority” and not in “business priority” which demonstrates the need to reinforce the business value of this technology and re-emphasize the joint responsibility between IT and business to continue investing in this critical technology.

Let’s see what the next version of the survey tells us.

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