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Are you using scare tactics to sell you product or service?

If you have decision making authority in your organization and receive emails promoting BI products or services, don’t you wonder how those companies performed before the crisis that is currently affecting the economy?

I have stopped counting the number of emails (aka SPAM) I receive that starts with “In this current economic climate…”. Nonetheless, I wonder why so many organizations put so much emphasis on the challenging economy to promote their offering. Aren’t their product/service solid enough to stand the competitive pressures? Do they need a crisis to stand out of the crowd? How bad is the product/service if they needed a downturn in the economy to get people to pay attention to their organization?

In the world of Business Intelligence, the value of a BI application should be visible on a daily basis, not only when there is a severe crisis. I believe business users need constant access to reliable information to optimize their decision making process, not only when there are troubles.
Do you know many drivers who look at their car dashboard only after they get into an accident? It would be no wonder they get into problems.

The value of BI applications is undeniable. Organizations should focus on providing continuous value instead of finding gimmicks to promote their product/service.

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