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You have the best BI application. Great! Do your users know?

Your organization has invested large sums in the development of a Business Intelligence (BI) program. The project team followed an innovative approach by combining SCRUM as their project management methodology with AGILE software development practices including some advanced software engineering techniques such as test-driven development (TDD), re factoring and continuous integration. The project was delivered on time and within schedule. The team is happy, the Scrum Master is delighted and the Product Owner (PO) invited the whole team for a memorable dinner. Everything went perfectly …

Actually, no. Probably not! Besides the PO are all the users aware of your project?

I would like to offer some communication strategies that could possibly help your project success rate.

  • Ask the users participating in the project to spread the good news by infecting other members of their department relative to the benefits of the new application.
  • Provide frequent demonstrations of your new BI application to a broad audience to demonstrate the usability of the application and the benefits of the new tool.
  • Run an internal advertising campaign with visual media (brochures, posters, mugs, etc.). The aim is to generate curiosity with relation to the new application.
  • Conduct formal and structured presentations to teams and individuals impacted by the new application to answer their questions.
  • Use the project sponsor or the PO to disseminate the information about the project and to demonstrate the value of the new application.

In summary, use the project team members to communicate frequently and to as many people as possible. Be enthusiastic and repeat the process.

I must admit, that the list of communication strategies is not exhaustive but this was not my goal. Communication strategies will vary depending on the organizational context. Strategies that have worked well in one organization may not be applicable to another. My objective was simply to remind the project team to plan and execute their communication strategy as soon as possible. The lack of communication may not only delay the adoption of the new BI application but in the worst cases this could lead to the potential rejection of the new solution.

A good communication strategy will increase the chances of success of your new business intelligence application.

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