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Why don’t you contribute to your company’s blog?

Working for a technology company where most people are younger than 35 years-old, I thought blogging would be a natural thing. For those of us who blog, we can certainly relate to the 10 Great Strategic Benefits of Blogging.

  1. Search Engine Marketing.
  2. Direct Communications.
  3. Brand Building.
  4. Competitive Differentiation.
  5. Relational Marketing.
  6. Exploit the Niches.
  7. Media & Public Relations.
  8. Position You as an Expert.
  9. Reputation Management.
  10. Low cost.

So when we calculated our ratio of blog post to employee, we were surprised and disappointed to see how low it was. To better understand the situation, we ran a short survey. For sake of sharing, I included the questions in this post with the results next to the questions (in brackets).

  • Do you read the corporate blog? Yes = 53%, No = 47%
  • Do you wish to contribute to the blog? Yes = 78%, No = 22%
  • Why don’t you contribute to the blog?
    • Lack of time
    • Low priority
    • I’m already writing on my personal blog
    • I’m already contributing to the corporate wiki
    • Not important for me
    • No reason
    • Don’t want my comments to reflect badly on the corporation
    • Too complicated
    • My content may not be of high enough quality
    • Don’t have a good topic

Does your company have better success with employee blogging? Want to share your secrets?

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