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Is it the management team who makes the difference?

A colleague brought to my attention that for most corporate web sites, clicking on the “Our TEAM” hyperlink  only presents the members of the senior management team. The landing page presents the profile of the chairman, CEO and executive vice presidents. At Pyxis, individuals are central to the company and transparency is a strong value. Try this exercise and click on the hyperlink “Our Team” and you will see photos and profiles of all employees in alphabetical order – no title, no hierarchy, only employees and their expertise.

In consultancy, the services and the expertise of the consultants is what gets sold. So why do so many organizations continue to promote only the members of their management team? No photo, no information relevant to their most important resource, their employees. At Pyxis, we believe it is critical that our customers know the consultants with whom they will work on a daily basis. We also believe that we can not claim to be transparent in our relationships with our customers without demonstrating our transparency on our website.

Some will respond that it is too risky to disclose information about their employees. They wish to prevent competitors from recruiting their employees, to which point I would argue that when an organization treats its employees as true partners, the employees will respond with loyalty to their organization. In any case, failure to display information about your employees will not prevent competitors from trying to pick your best talent. Your competitors have many other ways to get to that information. So why limit the dissemination of this information? Why not provide your employees with the exposure they deserve?

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