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Other interesting blog posts (June 9/2009)

Jennifer Hay published an interesting article called Is BI Ready for Agile? in which should takes about the challenges of organizational change management. Despite the limited success of the traditional approach, she asks “Are BI programs prepared to forsake their attachment to processes, documentation, negotiation, and planning” which is a fundamental question before engaging in a new way of doing things. Her point is relevant to every Agile transition – know what you are getting into before you start your transition. Although the results will be positive, you may not be ready for the wavy transition.

Mike Cottmeyer makes an important distinction between the “WHAT” of Agile versus the “WHY”. In his blog called What do you value? he clearly makes a distinction between the tasks and activities usually associated with Agile and the underlying reasons why they work.

A great post about the Product Owner – aka Agile Product Manager by Dean Leffingwell who will be speaking at the upcoming Agile 2009.

Will puts things into perspective in Sprint planning: always focus on the endgame.

In light of the recent Agile artefacts I started documenting, Reza presents some of the Scrum concepts.

Finally, thanks to Rob for the kind words.

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