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Other interesting blog posts (June 23/2009)

Andy Painter presents the Top 10 tips to make better use of business intelligence . As a spin-off to his blog post, I thought I would associate some Agile practices to help support a better use of BI.

  1. Know what you want to get out of it -> Close collaboration with you business users to properly understand their needs (and be able to deliver on them)
  2. Make it relevant -> Present the results to the business users frequently so they can tie them to the business strategy
  3. Share the knowledge you have -> Increase communication within your development team to share technical and business knowledge and improve the expertise
  4. Start small -> Use an incremental development approach
  5. Work out what you’re already doing -> Do a retrospection of the work done to learn what is working well and what isn’t – what needs to be kept and what needs to be improved
  6. Don’t baffle the users -> Once again, work closely with the business users and frequently present the outcome of your work – avoid surprises
  7. Keep it clean -> Continuous integration testing to ensure quality of the data delivered
  8. Share your knowledge
  9. Open up to others
  10. Keep your eye on use

Ted Malone’s post (Cross-Domain Business Intelligence) re-emphasizes the point that “BI project must be able to adapt to changing requirements” and that “If an organization is rigidly structured, with well-defined “silos” of information, any attempt to develop cross-domain BI will likely end up in several BI silos that ultimately become useless when combined“. To this day, there are still more BI-people interested in architecting and modeling that there are BI-people interested in actually delivering value. It’s a shame.

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