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Do you know why you show up at work every day?

Inspired by a colleague, I recently decided to document my reasons for showing up at work on my personal page of our company’s wiki. A few people “copied” the idea and told me it helped them crystallize their purpose and helped them focus on their contribution toward the success of the organization. Some of them told me others outside our organization might be interested in this – so here it is. There is no copyright on the content 😉 so feel free to use it.

My dream for Pyxis

Using varied and innovative approaches Pyxis substantially increases the level of performance of companies it serves. As such, Pyxis generates a high profitability that it re-distributes to its shareholder-employees and to the community.

To its shareholder-employees:

  • By introducing the 80% rule where shareholder-employees receive 100% of their salary while working 80% of the time on an annual basis. Individuals use the remaining 20% to spend more time with their family and their friends, their colleagues and their community;
  • By paying annual bonus and dividends in relation to company performance;
  • By increasing the capital value of the company.

To the community:

  • By allocating financial and human resources to advance social causes.

My personal commitment

In line with the vision, mission, values and culture of the organization, I pledge to exercise strong leadership, to ensure the sustainability of our operations and to support the organization’s growth by deploying efforts and resources needed to achieve the objectives.

My reason for being

In line with my personal commitment to the organization, my goal for the next 24 months is to act primarily on the following 4 vectors:

  1. Establish an Agile Business Intelligence consulting practice.
  2. Participate in the sales and marketing process for our products and services.
  3. Lead the definition and implementation of our corporate strategy.
  4. Support the development and capabilities of my “golfers” through the Caddy process.

My commitment as the owner of the strategic process

I promise to take the leadership and work with all interested individuals in the establishment and implementation of a corporate strategy allowing the organization to achieve its objectives and its mission.

My commitment as a caddy

I am unwavering in the individual success of my players, my caddy and the caddy team.

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