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Inline with an Agile Organizational Structure

As time goes by, I realize there is no such things in life as coincidence. I’ll probably expend on this topic in an upcoming post but for now I’ll jump to the purpose of today’s blog post.

If you have been reading some of my recent posts (this one, this one and this one) you will notice that I took upon myself to help implement an innovative organizational structure for the organization. As a consequence, Raphaël suggested I take a look at

I had the pleasure of sitting in on the webinar given by Brian J. Robertson from Holacracy and found the content was very much in line with the organizational structure we are aiming to implement. In short, here are two take-away I got from the presentation:

  • We need to distinguish the organization from the individuals that compose the organization.
  • The organization has to be purpose driven. Its goal is not only to generate profits for the shareholders but to have a purpose of its own.

Although there is much more to this than these 2 points, the 60 minutes presentation gives a good introduction to the concept. I am unfortunately unable to attend their next events in Philadelphia and Dallas both hopefully they will add events to their calendar shortly.

If you get a chance, I suggest you sign up for one of their upcoming presentation and share your thoughts.

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  1. Saw this and thought you might find it helpful:

    August 6, 2009
    • Thanks Andrew. The presentation provides lots of material for reflexion. I like it. I have a few books to read over the next few weeks and should be able to share with everyone the approach I’ll be proposing… Stay tuned and keep them coming.

      August 7, 2009

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