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Project Charter – Agile Project

In the spirit of sharing, below is an example of  a Project Charter we use to launch a Agile Projects. Do you use a similar document? In which context? Are there sections that are more critical for the success of your projects?


The Electronic Balanced Scorecard (EBS) project for Company Y is designed to develop and implement a simple tool to aid the decision making process of all managers and to help them evaluate the impact of their actions and determine if it is in line with corporate strategy.

Objectives of the EBS Project

  • Total transparency of the information for all managers;
  • To generate conversations among managers with regards to the performance indicators;
  • The tool should be easy to use by everyone;
  • To monitor the performance of the organization with respect to the strategic objectives;
  • Supporting the decision making process of all managers;
  • Guide and adjust the strategic discussions.

Success Conditions

To have implemented all the key performance indicators (highlighted in green in the definition document) in time for the strategic meeting that will take place in November 2009.

  • The information must be accessible by everyone;
  • The information must be understandable by everyone;
  • The information must be updated within a pre-defined timeline;
  • The information must be relevant and practical for managers to use;
  • The strategic objectives must be defined, communicated, measurable and measured regularly;
  • The strategic objectives must be communicated to all managers prior to launching the project;
  • The ESC supports the decision making process of the managers on a daily basis.

Priorities and Compromises Matrix

  • Scope: Not Negotiable (priority 1)
  • Schedule: Negotiable (priority 3)
  • Budget: Difficult to Change (priority 2)


  • Adoption of the new decision-making tool by all managers;
  • Introduction of several new processes;
  • Incomplete and / or erroneous information
  • Availability of key managers;
  • Implementation of a Human Resource Management System;
  • Integration of financial systems from various countries.

Risk Mitigation

Implementation of a change management program.

Role of the various team members

  • Product Owner: Paul Bergeron
  • Scrum Master: Christine Clark
  • Team Members: Patrick Allen, Christopher Green, Anthony Stephanopoulos, Cynthia Martin
  • Ergonomics Expert: Francis Albert
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  1. A Project can be a tough animal to tame depending on how you structure it. Having the right tools and methodology behind you to define and run a project can go a long way towards a successful deployment or development effort.

    Since a project can span several months and involve a variety of resources and skill sets, your role as a PM is to define the rules and manner in which the team will work under so the entire project does not falter.

    Most team members often feel overwhelmed with the prospect of having to worry about timelines and tasks they need to accomplish over the duration of the project. Helping them to stay focused and organized is a key skill that a PM must bring to the table when running a project.

    One of the tools you can use to get things structured and organized is the “Project Checklist”. This checklist is a roadmap to setup and put a framework around the project before it gets started.

    Each PM has their own style and set of tools, but if you are working on building your own toolbox, the project checklist is an important item to have when defining the project itself.

    Some of the standard project checklist items can include:

    1. Project Charter Template
    2. Roles and Responsibility Chart
    3. Project Definition document
    4. Project Rules and management structure
    5. Project review definition and schedule
    6. Project planning and reporting tools
    7. Executive briefing schedule
    8. Communication plan
    9. Phase Definition document
    10. Project Schedule document

    In summary, each project manager can develop their own project checklist to help them define the rules and framework for each project they manage. Building the checklist and tools that support the methodology will help keep the project organized and easier to manage.

    Gravity Gardener

    April 8, 2010
  2. Well I must say i enjoy everything you wrote right here and I desire that you’ll supply more valuable info

    I wish you all the best in your future project 🙂

    June 2, 2011
  3. Scrum surely works as a predecessor for PMI-ACP program launched by PMI

    December 22, 2011

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