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Strategic Planning Meetings

As a follow up to my earlier post about our strategic planning process, this blog post describes the Strategic Planning Meeting.

Every 6 months, the strategic planning team meets for our strategic planning meeting with the objective of assessing our progress towards achieving our vision and developing a strategic plan for the upcoming 6 months. As I already mentioned, strategic planning is an iterative process and as such, our strategic plan defines the objectives for the organization but does not carve them in stone.

The strategic plan is a realistic and pragmatic wish list of objectives and activities that we will strive to successfully complete – the plan is not a definitive set of end goals. For us, the plan is a road map to achieving the vision. It is more important to get closer to the vision than it is to stick to the plan or achieve the objectives as they were originally defined.


Define and prioritize our strategic goals for the upcoming 6 months and assess our progress toward achieving the corporate vision.

Strategic planning

The strategic planning meeting sets the direction for the next 6 months. The goal is to make progress in achieving our vision and strategic goals in order to get us closer to the vision.

During the meeting, we establish the strategic action plan, which contains several targets for improvement in our service offerings, in our commercial software, and in our internal processes. After the meeting, the project office is responsible for the management of the strategic plan.

Each of the areas of expertise is responsible for monitoring their goals and in particular, they must ensure that their objectives are achieved or adapted to reflect the market conditions.

The objectives are documented in the backlog of the organization. Over time, the items documented in the backlog are broken down into activities and sub-tasks and are monitored through the monthly strategic meetings and the weekly tactical meetings.

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  1. Are you talking about tactical discussions or strategic discussions?

    From your description, the meetings/process sounds tactical. Strategic discussions would cover material more like:

    Strategic planning (to me) is closely linked to your business model (revenues and costs to get those revenues). Once that has been defined, 80% of the strategic planning is determined.

    I believe strategic planning has developed such an aura because the McKinsey’s of the world have marketed it’s importance to sell their services. Don’t get me wrong, strategy is important, but it’s set very early in a firms existence and rarely changed.

    To illustrate strategy’s importance, it’s often point out that if WWII was about successfully executing tactics, the Germans would have easily won. The Allies and Russia in particular had a better strategy, even though there tactics had problems and horrifically high costs. (Especially for the Russians.)

    Meetings every 6 months may well be more meaningful and effective, but is the purpose fundamentally strategic or tactical?

    Its important that you understand the purposes and differences between the two, whatever you call them.


    August 18, 2009

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