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What is a Community?

Before going into the organization, the structure, the rules, and the modus operandi of a community, I must start with a definition to allow for a common understanding of what I will be discussing in the various posts on this topic.


A community is a group of individuals who share common values and culture, who operate within agreed upon self-defined norms, and that work together to achieve a goal. Members clearly identify themselves as belonging to the community.

A community can be composed of smaller communities and communities can be connected together creating a network of communities.


The Open Source movement qualifies as a community. Within the Open Source movement are smaller communities such as the Apache HTTP Server, the Linux operating system, and the Mozilla Firefox browser.

Crowdsourcing is another example of a community of individuals coming together to perform a specific task.

From an art perspective, Community Theatre is an example of individuals contributing to developing and performing art within a specific context.

Community and Business?

In an attempt to document an alternate way of structuring for-profit organizations, I will share my thoughts on the structure, the rules, and the modus operandi of communities and attempt to demonstrate they can effectively be used within that context.

More to come…

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