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Yoplait’s “pineapple-coconut-banana” yogurt doesn’t contain coconut!

I was living in the now this morning. One of those zen moments. I was sitting peacefully, eating a yogurt. My wife was at the grocery store, my daughter was at her painting class, and my son was still sleeping.

Since my brain wasn’t jumping around with various thoughts, I was really tasting the yogurt.

“Hmmm, it’s delicious!”, I thought to myself. It was the first time I tried this new flavor.

“It tastes like pineapple with a hint of banana…”.

“Interesting, the label says pineapple-coconut-banana but I can’t taste the coconut!”.

“Let me read the ingredients. Skim milk (that’s good), Sugar (really, 2nd ingredient), pineapples (yes, that makes sense), bananas (yes, that also makes sense)… Colour”. I got to the last ingredient and realized there was no coconut in the yogurt. None!

Why would they call their yogurt pineapple-coconut-banana if there is no coconut? Why not simply pineapple and banana?? Is the simple fact of adding coconut to the label enough for people to believe there is coconut and actually taste it? Is this simply a case of misleading consumers? I wonder…

I guess living in the now does bring us a better perspective of the world around us.

Yoplait's pineapple-coconut-banana yogurt

Yoplait's pineapple-coconut-banana yogurt

Where is the coconut?

Where is the coconut?

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