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Happy 1st anniversary Analytical-Mind

1 year of blogging

1 year of blogging

It has already been 1 year since I published my first blog post. As I quickly figured out, Blogging is like training! It requires time, energy, and commitment and when it is done regularly, it is a great exercise for the mind.

In the 154 posts published since the beginning, my blog has evolved – a lot. I admit, I originally had no real focus and mostly expressed personal opinions.

I realize my style is a mix of situational analysis (analytical-mind), philosophical perspective, suggestions and advices sometime using humour to convey my message.

Finally, my most popular posts were:

  1. How I failed as a Product Owner and the lessons I learnt in the process
  2. The Prisoner’s Dilemma: Applying Game Theory to Agile Contracting
  3. My Virtual Bookshelf
  4. Less projects were reported to be successful in 2008
  5. Scrum Artifact: Burn Down Chart

In order to improve my blog moving forward, I did a 1-year retrospective and I asked myself 3 simple questions.

What do I feel I did well?

Although there were times when I didn’t publish for a few weeks, I remained committed to maintaining the blog. Not all posts have the same depth but I try to share my perspective and discuss a different way of doing things with the objective of improving people’s quality of life at the office and improving the return on organizational investments.

What do I feel I didn’t do well?

Until I decided which track to follow, I wasn’t focused. It was difficult to retain readers since they didn’t know what to expect.

What do I need to start doing?

Increase collaboration with other bloggers and stay focused on the topics of innovative management, new organizational structures, and leadership.

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  1. I just want to say congratulations and thank you.
    I very much appreciate reading your blogs, especially the latter.
    I find them as inspiring as the conversations we
    have regularly.

    October 28, 2009
  2. Léo Lachance #


    C’est très inspirant. Ça me donne même le goût de m’y mettre…

    C’est une belle qualité de leader que d’inspirer les autres.

    Ne lâche pas!

    November 5, 2009
    • Merci pour ton encouragement Léo. Je suis flatté que mes observations et perspectives t’intéressent. Fais moi signe si tu te lances dans l’aventure, ça m’intéressera sûrement de commenter ou même d’écrire un blog en collaboration.

      November 5, 2009

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