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On my way to coaching certification

On my way to professional coach certification

On my way to professional coach certification

After contemplating the idea for almost 2 years and acting as a coach for the last year, I have finally decided to sign up for a formal coach training leading to the ICF certification.

Once the decision was made, choosing the trainer was the next challenge. After googling and comparing, I asked a few people around for some references. It turns out, 2 Accredited Coach Training Programs kept coming up: Coaching de gestion and Mozaik Quebec.

Both programs lead to the same certification and both are well-recognized programs. After spending some time on the phone with representatives from each training organization and asking quite a few questions, I came to the conclusion that both training centers seemed very good. In the end, I selected Coaching de gestion for the following reasons:

  • The program relies less on formal classes and more on self-training. Instead of 27 days of training and classes, the program I selected provides 18 days of training and classes but compensates with over 2,500 pages of reading material. Based on my schedule and personal life, the latter program is better suited to my learning style.
  • The certification program is spread over 12 calendar months (instead of 9 months for Mozaik) which will allow me more time to try and practice my new learning in between training sessions.
  • Since there are less formal classes, the total cost of the training is about 30% less which is nothing to scuff.

The program starts on January 29th. I will share my thoughts and learning along the way.

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