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A Few Quotes from Peter Senge on Communities

In chapter 10 (Shared Vision) of his book The Fifth Discipline: The Art & Practice of The Learning Organization, Peter Senge’s touches on the topic of Communities.

Below are some quotes I got from the book. I wrote these down a few months ago.

  • Communities are not held together by what people can get, communities are held together by what people can give;
  • People come together voluntarily;
  • People want to contribute something toward what they care about;
  • Communities have a genuine spirit of shared vision;
  • People are naturally drawn to other people who share the same vision, they start to talk and get together for the sake of the goal of the community;
  • Start talking about the real reason we are getting together, even if we don’t work for the same company.

Within Pyxis, we are pushing the implementation of communities further with positive results. I’ll be sharing more information on our progress in an upcoming post.


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