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A revolution. What management revolution?

Amidst a series of changes that impact our socio-economic environment, there is a small revolution taking place within organizations and as the next generation enters the workforce, many of the traditional assumptions will no longer hold, despite many people’s attempt to maintain the status quo.

Picture by chris.corwin

The level of skills, competences and intelligence that the average worker brings into work every day has no comparison to what they used to bring even decades ago. Workers are more educated, more connected and more aware than ever before of the possibilities being offered to them. These possibilities are not limited to the workplace but the same applies to their leisure, the travel plans, their food, etc. While many people remain captive of the old paradigms, they will soon uncover the world of possibilities offered to them, including in their workplace – and how work does not have to be so painful.

Some would call it innovative management, servant leadership, stewardship or coach as leader. Many of these approaches share an increased level of respect for people. Although I initially called the new management approach Rebel Leadership, I finally settled for Agile Leadership to explain my perspective of the new management model.

Over the next weeks, I will publish a few articles on this new management paradigm in an attempt to redefine management. Your thoughts and comments are welcome.


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