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Seven wrong reasons to adopt Agile

Picture by eir@siIn conversation with potential clients, I almost always ask them the following question: “Why do you want to move to Agile?” and in most circumstances their answer makes sense. I would get answers such as:

  • We are hoping to improve productivity;
  • We aim to decrease time to market;
  • Turn over has been high and we wish to implement an approach that will increase employee morale;
  • We need to reduce costs;
  • Etc.

And then, I get what I would call “wrong answers”. Those answers address my question at face value but also show that the decision has not been evaluated for more than thirty seconds. Here are 7 “wrong reasons” to adopt Agile. Go ahead – share yours!

1. We recently attended a conference and Agile is becoming more popular. If others are doing it, so should we.

2. Because Gartner and Forrester say so.

3. Because employees asked us to do so.

4. Some of our people are available to experiment with a new approach.

5. Our competitor is gaining market share and they are using Agile. We need to use the same approach if we want to be able to compete.

6. We produce too much documentation.

7. Because our boss told us to do so.

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