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Looking for a challenge? You may be interested in an Agile Organizational Coach Job

We are currently recruiting Agile Organizational Coaches.

Main duties and responsibilities

The Agile organizational coach works directly with the Information Technology and Business management teams to help leaders assimilate and apply the Agile principles to their day-to-day activities.

The organizational coach helps transform the traditional management style to a more Agile approach. Thus, the coach helps managers to properly assess the differences between the current situation and a set target. He then works with the managers to define a suitable plan and take concrete actions to address the obstacles encountered during the transition. More specifically, the organizational coach:

  • Through appropriate training, educates managers to the application of  Agile to their management style;
  • Creates groups (communities) of interest and exchange to assist managers in their development;
  • Meets with various stakeholders to understand the fears, challenges, and resistance and provides the necessary support to help them;
  • Participates in various management committees to train members of such committees and support them in their development.


  • Have held a management position within a large organization;
  • A minimum of fifteen years of experience in managing software development teams;
  • A minimum of two years experience in an Agile development environment;
  • Significant experience in project management;
  • Bachelor’s degree in business administration, commerce or management.


General Criteria

  • Political acumen and diplomacy;
  • Ability to find solutions win-win situations;
  • Passionate and self-motivated;
  • Team player;
  • Talented facilitator;
  • Understanding of business needs, business processes and organizational dynamics of a business.

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