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Agile Transition – What about the teams outside the transition?

Picture by ehpienIn a large scale transition similar to the one we have undertaken a few months ago, it is difficult (and maybe impossible) to transition all the teams / departments at once. Similar to the prioritization of the product backlog, we have selected a handful of projects to launch immediately. Unfortunately, this means that many (many more) projects will not begin their transition for a while since the organization we work with has decided that coaches are required to help them succeed.

As such, we have decided to implement a strategy for those “out of transition” teams. Below is the approach we selected in order to make the transition successful without negatively impacting the performance (and the workload) of those directly involved in the transition. Based on our experience, we felt it was important to have a strategy (albeit minimal) to support other projects to be implemented using an Agile approach.

The reasons why it is important to have a strategy for those “out of transition” projects are as follows:

  • To maintain a unifying vision of what we are trying to accomplish with Agile;
  • To maximize our efforts in the development and selection of tools supporting Agile;
  • Not to ‘abandon’ the projects that were not deemed highest priority;
  • For other projects to be executed successfully in an Agile mode even if they are not part of the intial selection.

Therefore, we suggested having a reduced service catalog for the “out of transition” projects. Examples of services that can be offered are:

  • Training courses offered to the selected projects could also be attended by “out of transition” participants;
  • A simple audit of the “out of transition” projects’ practices and high level recommendations for improvement;
  • Limited support;
  • Access to the corporate wiki for information, knowledge sharing and best practices.

So far, the recommendation has been well received by the “out of transition” projects. In the months to come, we will be able to determine if we made the right decision.

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