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Benefits associated with an Agile Transition – What can Scrum do for you?

Image by USACEpublicaffairsWondering what are the benefits of an Agile Transition. One of our client recently published a few good points:

  • Scrum exposes and makes visible the organizational issues in project delivery, which are not necessarily exclusive to agility (non-dedicated projects resources, difficulty of co-locating project members, etc.);
  • Positive impact on the role of the managers by moving from a command-and-control mode to coach-leader mode;
  • Not just doing things right but doing the right things;
  • Increased mobilization of project participants;
  • Better team synergy – increased synergy between Business and IT;
  • Puts the business needs at the center of the project team’s focus – business needs understood and shared by the team members;
  • Brings back the “common sense” in carrying out the project;
  • Better communication and transparency within teams;
  • Better visibility on the business value generated by the project;
  • Optimization of the investment;
  • Ability to “test” the feasibility before fully developing the solution.

These are only a handful of benefits. What benefits have your team witnessed since starting Scrum?


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